WIN – Microsoft Office and 10 Tips and Tricks for Back-to-School

Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks for Back-to-School
today have replaced pen and paper with computers and the addition of Microsoft Office equips every computer with the tools and features essential for success.
From learning the ABC’s with a PowerPoint slideshow to capturing college
lecture notes in OneNote, Microsoft Office plays a key role in every stage of
our lives and has been doing so for more than 25 years. Maybe you already have
Office, but haven’t unlocked all that’s possible, or the addition of Office
would come to your household’s rescue
make work great this year with
Office for the Mac or the PC and keep these 10 tips and tricks handy!
  1. Show your readers! Embed PowerPoint
    and Excel
    documents into your blog with just a few easy steps. Share top-10 lists or
    how-to guidance via an embedded PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint for Mac 2011
    photo slide show for the school news blog.
  1. Capture and organize all your class notes
    in one place with Microsoft OneNote 2010. You can even insert audio clips, videos, screenshots,
    conversations or emails from classmates.
  1. Add quick edits to photos in Word and PowerPoint
    in both Office 2010 and Office for Mac 2011. You can also edit audio and format videos within PowerPoint — no special media
    editing programs needed here.
  1. Can’t focus on your term paper with emails
    and IMs popping up? Maximize your on-screen space in Word 2011 for Mac
    with Full Screen View, letting you focus on your reading and writing
    while blocking out all other windows and menus.
  1. Share ideas and information via the Broadcast Slide Show feature in PowerPoint 2010. For your next group
    presentation, classmates will be able to view content online at the same
  1. Create your own custom OneNote notebook
    for your next 30-page biology paper with OneNote 2010. You can see firsthand the benefits of having your
    research, notes, bibliographical information and ideas in one easy-to-view
  1. Help the yearbook committee by managing
    the budget with Microsoft Excel 2010 and Excel for Mac 2011. You can even update the
    latest numbers while on-the-go with Excel Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone 7.
  1. Last minute changes to a newsletter or
    PowerPoint slide are easier than ever with the Reorder Objects tool in Office 2011 for Mac. Rearrange your pictures and graphics with a couple simple
    clicks, rather than taking apart the whole document.
  1. Work on content in real-time with
    classmates, or review your term paper with mom while she’s on a business
    trip using co-authoring in the Word Web App on Windows Live SkyDrive. Even when you’re
    away from your computer, upload Office documents to SkyDrive and access,
    edit, and share content from anywhere with an Internet connection using Office Web Apps.
  1.  Use
    Microsoft Word 2010 for more than the standard book report. New charting
    and graphing tools make it easy to add graphics that illustrate your
    point. Take advantage of the photo tools and free templates at to create dazzling posters and flyers.  
Click here for more information about these tips and other time-saving tricks.

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