Family Vacation Tips For Road Trips

 Are you headed out for that last minute Summer road trip? Here are some great tips from My Scenic Drives Road Trip Planner. 

Family vacations are almost synonymous with road trips, especially with the rising cost of air travel. And while we all think of kids in the back seat asking if we’re there yet, you can avoid most of this by being prepared. Being avid road-trippers here are a few tips we learned on the way:

Have an open mind and be flexible. Leave extra time for unplanned side trips and include stops just for kids! Imaginative hands-on museums, funky road-side rock and gem shops, exploring geologic wonders – especially if they can climb on them make for great breaks. Or a picnic, some Frisbee and ball-playing gives kids a chance to burn some energy.

Although you may have to be at Grandma’s house by a certain date, remember the journey is part of the adventure. If you see a beautiful stream or beach – why not! Keep an extra set of clothes that don’t have be dug out of the luggage at the bottom of the trunk and a plastic bag for wet stuff. Kids will love you for the spontaneity and well, you’ll love yourself for planning ahead.

Audio books are fun for the whole family to listen to, and pack activity books, a deck of cards, music that your kids love and a favorite stuffed animal or two. And if they’re like our kids, bring plenty of snacks. Car-friendly snacks such as trail mix, pre-sliced or washed fruit and veggies make it easy and healthy, though no road trip is truly complete without a few indulgences. Battle the boredom with classic road trip games, such as I-Spy or the Alphabet License Plate game, or Hat or No Hat, where you guess if the driver of a truck ahead is wearing one or not when you pass.

Encourage your child to keep a journal. Even if they’re too young to write – drawing pictures, taping in a leaf, brochure or postcard of a special stop will create memories that last a lifetime. They can write historical facts they learned, keep track of wildlife they see and hey, they don’t have to know that they’re learning at the same time.

Take advantage of your kids’ naptime by driving long stretches while they sleep. And offset a long day of driving with a day or two (or more depending on your schedule) of exploring one area.

Now, where to go? How to get directions? Whether you have a destination in mind or need inspiration, the Road Trip Planner helps you create personalized and detailed itineraries for day trips, weekend getaways or cross-country adventures. You can edit, save and share trips with family and friends. When you’re ready to hit the road, print out the directions or download the entire plan to your GPS. It’s a snap. Now where are my sunglasses…

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