DIY Schultuete A Back To School German Tradition

Two  DIY Schultuete ideas: 
Germany the children wake up on the first day of school to a tradition
of receiving a Schultuete or sugar cone which is an over sized paper
cone filled with school supplies, candy and small toys!
tradition began about 1810 when their sugar cone was filled only with
sweets, today the find pencils, crayons and erasers and other surprises
in their cones.
# 1 –
You can make a DIY (do it yourself) Schultuete by forming a cone from a
sheet of poster board and covering it with colorful wrapping paper,
scrap book paper or stickers. You can make it which ever size you
choose by adjusting the size of the poster board or paper! Add Tissue
to the top of the cone for the finishing touch.
#2 – Another DIY idea is to make a mini Schultuete using a birthday party hat and filling it with tissue paper and goodies
Ideas for filling a cone for your child include:
– Hair Accessories
– School supplies
– Socks
– Sweet treats
– Small toys
– Coloring books
– Reading Books
– Make-up, Jewelry

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