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With the kids heading back to school and our home getting back to schedules and routines it’s time for my Husband and I to get back to our weekly date nights. Date nights don’t have to be fancy and expensive whether you take a walk, go eat dessert or have a romantic dinner at a restaurant the goal is to spend time together.

Date nights just don’t happen at least in our busy house – if we don’t plan they don’t happen.  I suggest you grab your calendar and decide which night works for both you and your husband to have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly date night and begin marking your calendar for the next several months or entire school year. ( Summers are harder for us to plan ahead due to traveling).

Now you might be saying but Trisha I need some new fresh and creative ideas in planning our date nights.  Fear no more I found a great idea from Shauna over at My Mix Of Six that she created for their monthly  date nights. She put together 12 Date nights all planned and paid for ready for a monthly adventure and surprise to her husband.  You will love this idea.  Click here for the details of how she created her date night packets.

Need more ideas? Here is an even BIGGER list of ideas to help get you started on Date Nights that  Shauna had posted over at Simply Said

  • Theater tickets. You don’t have to pay the big money, colleges and high schools have amazing productions as well.
  • Free summer concerts in the park mixed with a Subway gift card
  • Dinner and the movies
  • Temple trip. Just copy your recommend or put in a picture of the temple to show him where you’re going.
  • A favorite fancy restaurant
  • Morning hike followed by breakfast out
  • Frisbee golf at the park with a coupon for dessert
  • Country dancing or any other dancing for that matter
  • Stargazing by a campfire
  • Home spa with a massage and smoothies
  • Walk through an art museum
  • Bike ride with picnic
  • One of each of your favorites. Steve likes sushi – I like chick flicks, so a night of both.
  • Cards or a favorite game in the park
  • Tennis or racquet ball
  • Bowling
  • Laser tag
  • Night out at the library (Steve LOVES to read and I like magazines. It’s a quiet night BUT we are together.)
  • There obviously can be FREE dates. It’s the time spent together, rather than the money spent.

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