A Blessing Party For Back To School

It has become a tradition – Thanks to Valerie our official celebration editor here at 24/7 MOMS. At the end of each Summer Valerie hosts a Back To School Blessing party for the moms in our mom group and their children.

Prior to the party Valerie asks each mom to decide on a scripture verse for each of her children as their yearly verse that will be framed for each child to then be able to place on their dressers, bathroom counters or desks to remind them of the verse their mom selected and is praying over for them as they go off to school each day.

During the party we eat appetizers and have fun chatting then we gather all the kids around a cake  that has one candle in it for the blessing celebration – teach child steps up to the cake and is asked how they would like us to pray for them  for the upcoming school year, we then light the candle let each child blow it out on their turn, pray and bless them and present them with their framed scripture verse for the year.

What a great way to
kick off the school year to pray for our kids, give them their own
scripture verse to remind them of God’s love and how special they are
to him.

This is a simple celebration with each mom bringing an appetizer to share and then serve cake after the blessing celebration.

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