App Of The Week: Catch Notes

Catch Notes is a app for Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets that provides parents with the capabilities to capture their child’s lifestream that includes moments, activities and ideas via text, images or audio. Each entry can be organized with a hashtag (#birthday, #xmaspresents, #playdate), which provides streams on individual topics. All entries can be shared with friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter and can be accessed while on the go from a smartphone or tablet as well as and Internet connection via

Lifestreaming is not only a great way to capture moments in detail, but has been proven effective for productivity, learning and growth. In addition to looking back upon details from summer vacations or birthday parties over the years, Catch Notes can be used as a tool to provide teachers and healthcare professionals details that can help identify patterns and solutions. Catch Notes is a free app that can be found on the Apple App Store, the Android Market or the Amazon App Store. For more details visit

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