Affordable Beauty: Tips to Look Good, For Less

Amy Hannold, 
247Moms Frugal Living Editor
I’ve been a client at a particular salon in town for sometime.  During my latest visit, Iasked them for their ideas and advice.
First of all, visit more than one salon when you’re new intown or looking to find a new stylist. Recommendations from friends whose looks you admire can be reliable, butultimately you need to find someone you want to build a long term “beautyrelationship” with.  Loyalty to oneparticular stylist and/or salon has its benefits.  Discounts for referring friends, your birthday, anniversaryor other unadvertised specials may be available. 
When you interview stylists, look for those who aregenuinely interested in the look you want.  Showing them magazine pictures is helpful; however rememberthat beauticians are not magicians. Stylists recommend bringing photos of yourself with hairstyles that youliked (or didn’t).  When you leavewith the look you love, take a photo of yourself for your next visit.
Before you decide on the work that you want to have done, besure that you have communicated your budget.   An experiencedstylist should be able to help you create an affordable version of the look youwant, and not try to “up-sell” you on something that is more than you canmaintain.  Consider and discuss thefrequency you wish to have “touch-ups” done.  Stylists may offer you discounts based on how often youvisit.  Those that have their haircolored every 10 weeks will pay the published price.  If you like to have your color updated more often, you’llpay less. 
Other Hair Color Tips: With your stylist, choose a hairstyle that’s consistent with the amountof time you usually devote to your hair. To get the best result with a coloringprocess, discuss any products you’ve been using, water type at home and anycolor-related negative experiences.

Money-Saving Ideas:
Coupons can be found for beauty expenses.  Look in local phone books, on the backsof grocery receipts,, chambers of commerce, newspapers and othercouponing places.  Before you“salon-hop”, from one deal to the next, realize that cheaper may not always bebetter.  Sometimes longevity andtrust will pay better dividends in the long run. 
Hair product prices change similar to grocery prices.  Companies may also discount theirproducts seasonally and/or with holidays. Inquire about the sale cycle of the products you prefer.  Salon shampoos and conditioners areconcentrated.  Use less!  The best buy is a 1-Liter bottle, whichshould last several months to a year. Unopened product has a shelf life of 2-3 years.  When you find a good price on theproduct you prefer, stock up. 
Salon products are purer than drugstore brands.  When you invest in coloring your hair,you want that look to last. Drugstore brands contain wax and other additives which long-term, areknown to deteriorate the life of your hair color processes. 
During busy seasons, or to handle the“less-fun” tasks of doing hair, salons may be agreeable to trading your workfor reduced beauty treatments. Inquire, and be sure you understand the bartering requirements. 
Once your hair process is underway and you’re comfortablewith what your stylist is doing, delve into what they’ve heard lately.  Hair stylists talk to a whole lot ofpeople over the course of a week.  They’re good sources for jobs, finding reliable businesses, jobs,babysitters, and other beneficial information. 

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