What Autism has done for me

by: Brandee Malcolm

I know that many people will read the title of this article and think this is going to be a depressing story of one family’s journey with Autism. I hope that after you read this article you will think differently. I am not an overly religious person, I believe that god is there and he helps us along the way in our journey. I feel that god has definitely been there in my journey with autism.  My son was diagnosed with Autism; two months shy of his third birthday. I like many other mothers of special needs children have been faced mourning the child they thought they had.  I began our family’s journey with autism full force determined to bring my loss child back into the world of living.

My son entered speech therapy, developmental therapy and occupational therapy services. I gained two wonderful friendships with two of his therapists. I still keep in contact with them today even though that was six years ago. My son entered preschool and with apprehension I let him go with tears in my eyes and fear in my heart.  We were blessed to have such a wonderful preschool program and once again gained wonderful caring friendships.  I do believe that god works in wonderful ways, and although at first I admit that I blamed god for giving me such a burden. I quickly learned that Autism gave me the insight to some beautiful friendships that have bloomed. I have the most amazing friends.

My son enters different stages of his life and along the way I am learning just as much as he is. My son’s autism led me to be a mentor mom to other families who happen to be entering the beginning stages of this autistic challenge.  I have grown so much as not only a mother but also as a woman. I have learned not to judge someone based on appearance. I have learned that quite honestly that no matter what you imagine life may be it is never perfect.  I have learned that mothers no matter what situation they are faced with respect and care for one another.

My biggest testament to gods hand in my journey with autism is the fact that at one point four different mothers were led to our mothers meeting, and come to find out all four of us had children with autism. I am friends with these women, I have cried with them, I have been a shoulder to cry on and I have listened. I am so thankful to god for bringing me these wonderful friendships that have made my journey so much easier.

Autism   may not be what one family wishes for but I have made the best of our situation and I am glad I did it has made me the strong and intelligent mother and woman that I am today.  Why am I telling you this you may ask? Don’t let Autism be a burden in your life let it be a journey with a magnificent outcome.

Brandee Malcolm is a stay at home mom to her three children. In her spare time she enjoys writing, scrapbooking, stamping and spending time with her husband and children.  www.momsecond.blogspot.com

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