Summer Birthday Party Themes on a Budget

By: Brandee Malcolm

The sun is blazing, the local pool is beyond crowded and you need to take a time out to plan a summer birthday party.

Summer is a wonderful time to plan a party, because you get to have the outside as your canvas, and let your creative juices flow and let loose.  Most families in America are on a tight budget and therefore, the fancy waterpark, children’s museum; local pizza/arcade party isn’t always feasible. So what do you do? Here are my suggestions for some great themed parties you can do on a budget. 

First, a pirate themed party is always a hit, but why not do it outside with a buried treasure and a treasure map. Make pirate hats out of construction paper.  As a craft make a telescope out of a paper towel or toilet paper roll, decorate it with construction paper and other sparkle’s you could even go as far as to have children cut a picture out of a magazine and attach it to one end of the scope so when they look out they actually see something.  Draw a treasure map and have your birthday child and guests search for the “treasure”. Once found the treasure could contain goody bags with bought trinkets from a cheap store or you could buy a bulk bag of sparkly fake crystals. Your little pirate will love the fun of their special day.

 Another idea is to make a backyard birthday splash zone, set up different stations in your backyard each with a different activity. For example, have one station have a sprinkler, another station a tub , big storage containers come in handy for this,  and fill it full of water and dish soap bubbles throw some toys in, wading pool for another station,  sun tan station with lawn chairs for relaxing Play some summer beach music and you are ready to hit the pool.  Make bubbles as an activity here is a link with directions on making homemade bubbles, 
Older kids may enjoy an outside movie night themed party.  Choose your movies, pop some popcorn and get beverages and set up with a portable DVD player or move your TV outside. Sit on blankets and let the party begin.

Camping birthday party, Start by setting up tents, start a fire and roast hot dogs and smores.  You could even tape a cd of nature sounds to play to make it more realistic. As a party favor make copies of that cd and send it home.  Tell stories and sing songs.

 These are just a few ideas that are sure to have your little ones have a summer birthday they will not forget.

Brandee Malcolm is a freelance writer and a stay at home mom to three kids. She enjoys blogging, scrapbooking and spending time with her family.  Brandee  blogs at

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