Beauty Tip For Moms – Papaya The Yummy Beauty Aid

24/7MOMS weekly Beauty & Health quote:
 “The golden melon of papaya, grown on atree, is one of the most interesting and unusual fruits in our markets. TheSpaniards were the first to learn the great value of papayas. They discoveredthat when they ate too many fried fish, a few slices of papaya helped theirdigestion and even prevented the stomach aches. The golden melon is loaded withenzymes and these beautifiers make up a vitamin, a mineral and a protein whichactives digestion. The most active enzyme is called papain, but the fruitcontains many other valuable enzymes. Today papain is widely used as a valuablevegetable tenderizer of meat. It is an excellent source of the beauty-givingvitamin C, A and B-2. A slice of papaya is not only an ideal breakfast fruitbut can also aid to beauty from the outside; it makes an excellent beauty mask.The papain enzyme clears away all the old dead cells and leaves the skin softand glowing.”
~words and instruction from author Gayelord Hauser,beauty and nutrition specialist, Mirror,Mirror on the Wall

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