Beauty Tip For Moms – Avocados Create Beuty

24/7MOMS weekly Beauty & Health quote:
“Avocadosplay a star role on beauty farms and they can be the star of your kitchen aswell, because they are so versatile and lend themselves to so many temptingdishes. Avocados are sometimes called the alligator pear because of its roughskin and pear shape. In this single delectable fruit are combined the proteinsof meat, the fat of butter, the vitamins and minerals of green vegetables andthe flavor of nuts—a six-course dinner in a green shell. It is a gold mine ofelements essential to good looks and well-being: calcium in high amounts,magnesium, copper, potassium, sodium, phosphates, iron and manganese. Added toall this is its treasures in vitamins, especially vitamins A, B-1, B-2 and C.It does contain one more beauty treasure: almost twenty-five per cent of theavocado is oil, the very best kind, with all the unsaturated fatty acids soimportant for a glowing skin.”
~words and instruction from author Gayelord Hauser,beauty and nutrition specialist, Mirror,Mirror on the Wall

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