APP Of The Week – Make Movies With Flixlab

Flixlab isthe fast and easy way to automatically create and share great moviesusing the video clips and pictures on your iPhone. Flixlab usesFacebook to instantly connect you to all of your friends, allowing youto post and TAG your Flixlab movies. Even better, Flixlab lets you andyour friends share footage so that you can create movies together.

Inonly a few taps, Flixlab will automatically help to transform your andyour friends’ video clips and pictures into a polished movie usingmusic you love, Flixlab themes, and great looking text slides. You canpost your movie on Facebook or save it to your camera roll and share iton YouTube, Twitter, or over email!

What’s really cool about Flixlab?

★ Make a great movie in just seconds–No editing required

★No more trading videos and pictures after the event: Flixlabautomatically detects that you and your Facebook friends are shootingfootage at the same time and place. Flixlab Events give you completecontrol to instantly share (or not share) with your Facebook friendsnearby (Note: Events end automatically and are confined to a set timeand space)

★ Tagging Flixlab movies works just like tagging onFacebook! Tag your friends and they’ll automatically get notified aboutyour movies

★ Create movies from the clips and pictures from your iPhone, from Events you have joined, and from Facebook

★ Use Flixlab to shoot video

★ Reorder your clips, add themes, choose music from your library, and insert text slides

★ Share your movie on Facebook or save it to your camera roll

★ Remix your friends’ movies to put your own twist on what happened

Don’tjust share single clips, make STORIES — amazing movies that turn thoseclips & pics into powerful experiences that you can then share withyour friends & family on Facebook!

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