The YES Challenge

Doyou ever feel like all you do is tell your kids “NO” 
No you can’t have another snack.
Noyou can’t watch anymore TV.
Noyou can’t stay up longer it’s a school night.
NoI can’t read you another chapter in the book.
Noyou cant play first you have to do your homework.
Weeven often say no to them when they ask to help us clean.
NoNo No No No……
Ifyou are feeling as if you are the NO mom then this week I want to challenge youto be the YES mom to one of these ideas:
1. Who wants ice cream?  Or dessert?
2. Do you want me to readanother chapter before I turn out the lights?
3. Want to help me makedinner? Bake cookies? Make Jell-o?
4.  Tonight you can stay up 5 minutes longer
5. Can you help me fold thispile of clothes? Or dust the furniture
6. Do you want to play agame?
7. YES! try to say YES atleast once a day to your kids – YES!! Remember it doesn’t have to be anythingbig or what goes against your rules but see if there is an area you are alwayssaying NO to that a YES might just be what you kids needs to hear you say

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