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Kidswill “own the night” with one of the most widely-anticipated toys of 2011 –FyrFlyz™-– the revolutionary new spinning toy that puts the power to create anamazing light show in kids’ very own hands. Since being introduced at the HongKong, Nuremburg, and New York Toy Fairs earlier this year, FyrFlyz are creatinga sensation worldwide and are hitting the U.S. market now with a limited launchand a nationwide roll-out this summer.
EachFyrFlyz toy is a precision balanced instrument designed to spin on its axis.Simply by swinging the connected two strings and applying tension or allowingslack, kids create a continuous movement (figure eights, rings, etc.). The funbegins when the lights go out and the FyrFlyz multi-color LED lights turn themovement into an amazing light show that kids can play themselves or show theirfriends.
Kidscan spin their FyrFlyz to create a wide array of tricks: they can turn themsideways to create slick Sydwynders, pull tight to create whizzing Black Holesor loosen the strings to make Shooting Stars – the more they spin, the moreunique their tricks. As kids develop their skills, there are no boundaries towhat their imaginationscan create.
Forages 8 and up.
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