Summer Daily Schedule Free Printable – Summer Bucket List Fun

 Summer means lazy days which often lead to our kids getting lazy on their responsibilities.  Now don’t get me wrong I am all about fun and schedule free days but as a mom of 5 kids I also have had to keep order in our home so that chaos doesn’t break out in turn creating our Summer to be stressful on the mom.

So, allowing my kids a balanced day of free time, laziness and to do lists is what has kept me a sane mom during the Summer months.

I recently came across a great FREE Summer schedule printable that Build it, Sew it, Love it created that allows you to write in your kids daily to do’s or to go’s she also created a Summer goal sheet – both handy for keeping your home from breaking out into chaos.  Click here to get your FREE printables from Build it, Sew it, Love it.

Add this to your Summer Bucket list – to keep your kids helping around the house with daily to do’s

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