Beauty Tip For Moms – Bed Time Snack

“Sleepis Nature’s sweet restorer. Never forget that it is during sleep, that yourmind and nerves re-charge and rebuild themselves. Taking something light to eator drink at bedtime is the time-honored aid to good sleep. There are somephysiological reasons for this. One of them is that food in the stomach setsthe digestive processes in action, and the circulatory system automaticallysends more blood to the digestive organs and less to the muscles. Almost everyonehas had the experience of feeling sleepy after a meal. A great many foods thatare part of a wholesome diet contribute to the healthy relaxation of muscle andnerve, but three are especially valuable. These are vitamin B-6, calcium andvitamin D. Foods rich in these are my favorite tranquility foods. Vitamin B-6appears to be a specific sedative for twitchy nerves. A lack of calcium may beone of the hidden causes of insomnia so try a mug of plain hot milk as a potenttranquilizer at bedtime.” This is the remedy my grandmother used to give usgrandkids and we loved it as a comfort bedtime drink with just a little bit ofNestlé’s chocolate…yummm!

~words and instruction from author Gayelord Hauser,beauty and nutrition specialist, Mirror,Mirror on the Wall

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