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Teaching your child the value of a dollar and working toward a financial goal is a life long lesson that leads to strong money management skills. Allowance is a great learning tool, and can be used to create positive habits, break bad habits, and teach your child how to become a wise consumer. Creator of Prosperity4Kids, Lori Mackey, has made it her mission to design fun, engaging financial education products and resources for parents and children.

Prosperity4Kids just released a new free version of the  A+ Allowance App. Assign your kids with jobs, decide how much they will earn, and watch them mature in understanding the importance of saving their allowance. Designed based on the It’s Only a Dollar Until You Add to It! Allowance Chart, this new application allows you and your child to:
Pick your weekly chores and assign a weekly earning
Create an earning for each chore
Check off your daily completed tasks
Watch your earnings grow
At the end of each week, your income will be automatically calculated into the 10/10/10/70 concept. Which is 10% giving, 10% investing, 10% savings and the remaining 70% is for spending.

You can purchase the app at the itunes store: The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires i iOS 4.0 or later.).

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