Affordable Wedding and Graduation Gifts

Amy Hannold, 
247Moms Frugal Living Editor
June signals a flurry of weddings and graduation gifts.  How can we find affordable, appreciatedgifts for these special occasions?
Think outside the box – Create a Basket!
In your home “gift inventories”, and as you shop clearancesales, build a thoughtful gift basket. Think small luxuries and necessities that either prepare a home fornewlyweds – or give them the ingredients for a celebration once the weddingchaos has concluded.  Whenpossible, network with the relatives to find out the couple’s likes and colors. 
Social Buying Sites – Good Deals, No Worries,,,, and others offer you the opportunity to purchase giftcertificates.  Your recipient canchoose from local deals, deals for a destination or national deals – oneverything from dining to paint, adventures to shoes.
Gift Registry Buying, For Less:
When your gift recipient is registered at a particularstore, first check online for coupons and promotions.  If a deal can’t be found, get together with others to buysomething from the list. 
Give Something Personalized: has lots of options for personalizing bags,notebooks, and other great items. They’re very affordable and fun to use.
Enlist a Friend:
Do you know someone crafty or creatively-talented?  Get inspired and brainstorm forsomething they could make (or help you make) that would be a unique gift. 
Service, the Gift that is Appreciated:
Consider what kinds of talents, time and service you couldgive.  For newly marrieds, they mayneed help with their home or offer to create a special meal for them.  Create a special card and perhaps anaccompanying small gift basket in the theme of your service.
Get Them Prepared for an Emergency:  One of the most appreciated, unique andaffordable gifts are an emergency kits. Either for the car, home or a grad about to be away from home for thefirst time – you’ll be remembered when your gift saves the day.  An emergency kit can be “serious firstaid” in nature, or it can take on a humorous theme based on your personalityand that of the recipient.  Rememberback to your newly married or college days – you’ll be able to come up withsome great ingredients. 
Best Tip?  Startnow!  When you have the time, youcan take the time to create something special.  Have fun and share your ideas with us!  We’ve got upcoming events too!

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