10 Fathers Day Treats

By Leslie Pleasants

Fathers Day is fast approaching and usually the best thing those dads love is a good treat.  Here are some of my favorites that I have found that I just had to share with all of you!  🙂

Retro Soda Bottles: These Retro soda bottles were created out of an old 6 pack of IBC soda bottles.  Take Dad back to a time when “Father Knew Best”.  Fill each jar with his favorite goodies.  Click HERE for instructions and free printables.

Golf Cupcakes :Check out these cute cupcakes for those golf lovers!
Click HERE for directions on how to make them

Fathers Day Fast Food:  You would never think that a brownie is the meat and  the fries are cookies would you?  Click HERE for instructions on how to make this sweet fast food treat and free printables.

King of the Grill Dad

This clever trio is a tasty way to honor the King of the Grill on Father’s Day.  Click HERE for this unbelievable easy cupcake recipe from Family Fun

Lawnmower Coconut Cupcakes: How wonderful are these!!  Maybe you can hire someone to mow the lawn for him for ONE day! 🙂

Click HERE for the recipe

How about those Italian Dads!

Their mouths will drop when they see this and realize that its a cake!! 

Click HERE for the recipe to make this mouth watering piece!


Golf Cupcakes: Can’t get enough golf??  Most men enjoy golf I think its because they get away from the chaos at home.  🙂
Here is another recipe to try…  click HERE

Gone Fishing Cupcakes

Click HERE for the recipe

Is your Husband or Dad needing Low Carbs?  Click HERE to find some delicious desserts

Some of my favorite places to get recipes from is

(cause you can go by rating… highest to lowest)

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