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Ina world where too many babies are named Ashley and Jayden and too many babyname books are saccharine pink and blue, here comes something singular: a bookthat brings meaning, taste, character, a little bit of attitude, and arefreshing lack of trendiness to the art of naming a baby. BRING BACK BEATRICE!is the perfect book for new parents and all their friends and families who arelooking for a perfect shower gift who have a major gripe with misspelling babynames. The book recognizes that makeshift names are not only a celebritytrend.  BRING BACK BEATRICE! is a baby name book with opinionand substance, a clarion call for parents who know they are naming not just acuddly newborn, but a human being-a person who will be around to carry a namelike Iris, meaning rainbow (afterthe Greek messenger goddess who connected the heavens to the earth); Bennett, the medieval form of the nameBenedict, meaning “blessing;” Henry, good enough for eight English kings-afterall, it manes “home ruler;” or Beatrice,an old-fashioned beauty with roots in both Dante and Shakespeare.
BRING BACK BEATRICE!winnows down the universe of names to 1,546 mostly classic examples, and itmakes a strong case for each, featuring the name’s definition, its use inhistory, its connotations and subtleties, its “meaning” in the fuller sense.Included are variations, nicknames, and, especially useful for readers,alternatives— names that have the same flavor, but may sound better with aparticular last name or family background.
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