Summer Faith Reads For Kids

Many of us moms are looking for book recommendations for our kids to inspire them to read this Summer and at the same time build their faith and character.

Here are my top picks:

Wally McDoogle Series – by Bill Meyers

This series is currently my two elementary age boys favorite.  I have chosen to read these books to them and I have enjoyed the many character lessons they teach and find myself referring to the stories in these books when dealing with day to day parenting situations with my boys.

The Elijah Project Series – by Bill Myers
This is on our Must read list this summer – Bill Meyers is a great children’s author and my kids have enjoyed is other books so I’m pretty sure these will quickly become favorites of theirs

The Chronicles of Narnia Series – by C.S. Lewis

All of my children have enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia series – these have always been a must read for our family.  They are engaging and keep your kids on the edge of wanting to hear or read more.

The Adventures in Odyssey Series – by Paul McCusker

Another Novotny favorite from their book series to their stories on DVD my boys can never seem to hear the Adventures in Odyssey series enough.  I’m pretty sure I have every story memorize by now.  These stories always have a great life lesson in them which is great for building their faith as well as social skills.

The Kidsboro Series – by Marshal Younger

 These are a continuation from Adventure in Odyssey with fun stories about Kids running their own town called Kidsboro.  More great books with daily life lessons in them.

What are you reading to your kids this Summer?

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