Simple and Beautiful Hair

Rememberthe movies that picture the female stars sitting in front of a mirrored vanitybrushing her hair before going to bed? One reason this piece of furniture wasof value was that if offered a relaxing place for women to care for their beauty,one of being their hair, before retiring for the evening.
GaylordHauser recommends, “It is actually notnecessary to wash your hair too often. (Shampoos can strip the natural oilsthat make the hair lustrous and healthy). Brushing your hair and scalp 50 to100 strokes each night keeps the hair clean and you will have given apreparation (that of a natural massage from a brush with natural bristles) toyour scalp with natural oils and lanolin. However, if you prefer to wash yourhair more frequent;  beforeshampooing, give your scalp this simple beauty treatment. Take a tablespoon ofyour nice fresh vegetable oil, the same kind you use in your food, and massageit into your scalp. Wring out a towel in very hot water, wrap it around yourhead, and leave it on for five minutes. Then wash with an oil-lanolin baseshampoo. Lather and rinse once or twice, depending on how much hair you have orto your liking.”
~words and instruction from author Gayelord Hauser,beauty and nutrition specialist, Mirror,Mirror on the Wall

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