Meal Planning With Free Printable

Having dinner as a family has always been a priority in our home. However, just like every busy mom if I don’t plan it doesn’t happen. Lately it seems between kids activities and our daily busyness I have not been as faithful to my weekly meal planning.

Which means that I find myself scrambling each afternoon as I hear one of my children say “Mom, Whats for dinner tonight?” – my internal reaction is ” Ah, I once again forgot to pull out the meal to defrost or I forgot to run to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients, now what will we eat?”

So, my goal this week is to dig back out some of my favorite cook books and recipes and get back to my weekly meal planning to stop my afternoon dinner scramble.

I found these FREE meal planning and shopping list printables at Craft Sew Create and thought you might like to use them as well to keep yourself from having the afternoon dinner scramble.

Click here to get you free printable Meal planner and shopping lists.

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