I’m A K-Cup Ambassador and You Get Deals

The Coffee is brewing for my college son in his new Keurig – Why? because when I was recently asked to be part of the K-CupAmbassador program the first thing  I thought was this handy dandy machine is not only perfect for the home kitchen but perfect for book studying college students. Just about all of my friends own and love their Keurig’s so I thought now is my chance to try it out and report back to you the 24/7 MOMS who are always on the hunt for the best products to simplify their lives.

If you are looking for a graduation or wedding gift this summer this makes a perfect gift that will be used almost daily by the recipient – not many gifts will get as much love and use then the Keurig.

Our Keurig and a variety of K-Cups arrived a few of weeks ago and now everyone can have their choice of cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in perfect single size servings. Over the next twelve months I’ll be keeping you up to date with Keurig and K-Cup giveaways and promotional discount codes specials for all of the 24/7 MOMS readers. ( check out the current deal below)

 If you have tried K-Cups in the past, what is your favorite kind?  My family can;t wait to try out more yummy K-Cup flavors.

DEAL : 24/7 MOMS use the code AM0001-3571 to receive a 15%discount on your Brew Over Ice K-Cup purchases! www.GreenMountainCoffee.com. good till June 10, 2011

keep your eye out for more deals to come.

**We received complimentary product as a K-Cup Ambassador for review no financial compensation was received.

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