Happy Mothers Day From 24/7 MOMS

Happy Mothers day to you the MOMS we love traveling our mom journey with.  You inspire us as you share your comments, tips and mom ideas. Thank you for being a part of 24/7 MOMS by your faithfulness to reading our website posts or tuning in each week to 24/7 MOMS Live weekly webcast – you are the 24/7 MOM Hero’s – Real moms traveling together.

You deserve a day off from being the Taxi driver, cook, travel planner, referee, house cleaner, nurse, teacher, Liberian, photographer, nutritionist, accountant, party planner, counselor, dish washer, personal shopper and child care giver as well as the many other positions we moms fulfill day after day.

Instead we hope today will be filled with hugs, kid made cards and edible but interesting meals and a little time to relax.

Happy Mothers Day – enjoy this fun video we found about Motherhood

The opening to the 2010 mother’s day service at COTM.  Church on the move

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