Tooth Fairy Ideas and Traditions

A few years back my youngest child  was bankrupting the Tooth Fairy by  pulling his teeth out at the slightest wiggle, so that he could participate in the tradition of placing his teeth under his pillow and waking to find that the Tooth Fairy took his tooth and left behind cash as payment for his tooth. 

What kind of business had my child gotten into?

As soon as I would hear him say  “I got a loose tooth!” I would soon find it on my desk waiting for him to place it under his pillow that night and hopefully the Tooth Fairy would not doze off before she retrieved her new tooth and paid her debt to this little guy.  YES that has happened – 5 kids and how many teeth?
That new business of my son’s  got me thinking about some fun ways we could celebrate the loss of our children’s teeth with Tooth Fairy traditions and ideas:
Tooth Fairy Jars- Fill a jar with water and place your child’s tooth in to it. Then the when the Tooth Fairy arrives she  removes the tooth colors the water ( food coloring)  and places fairy dust (glitter ) and coins into the jar – a simple idea would be to have 2 jars so you can just replace one quietly during the night
Fairy Dust – Sprinkle glitter around  your child’s room or along their dresses etc. to appear as if the Tooth Fairy left her dust.
Keepsake containers – Place the tooth in a special keepsake box, drawstring bag or pillow. Click here for a simple one you can make.

Tooth Fairy Messages – Use window markers to leave behind a message from the tooth fairy on your Children’s windows or bathroom mirrors
Tooth Fairy Treat– Leave a little treat or gift for the Tooth Fairy. Just like  milk and cookies  for Santa.
Three’s –. The Tooth Fairy gives in three’s:  three bills or coins: one to spend, one to save and one to donate to charity.
Tiny Notes – Keep a supply of  tiny notes and envelopes on hand. When your child looses a tooth, write the date and tooth number on the envelope, then place the tooth inside and seal it. Then place it under their pillow or other place for the Tooth Fairy to retrieve and replace with her gift.
Tooth Fairy Certificates – Create a FREE printable Tooth Fairy certificate   Sign with glitter glue. ( search the internet for certificates)


Tired of giving cash how about a few Tooth Fairy Alternate Gift Ideas:
Sugarless gum
New tooth brush or flossers
Small toy
Gift certificate for local ice cream parlor
Foreign Coins
Travel tooth Brush and small tube tooth paste
Small books

Do you have a fun Tooth Fairy story, tradition or idea?  share it with us

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