Reduce Sugar = Beauty Change

 I have been on the belly fat cure administered by Jorge Cruise for a few of months now and working at cutting out the bad sugars in my diet. A couple of weeks ago I decided to give up desserts for the Lent season. For a cookie monster like me, it has been a tough decision. In addition, I decided to add something to my daily health routine that I am not faithful enough. I added the delight of flossing my teeth daily.  Last night I was talking with my esthetician and she exclaimed, “Hey, what’s new? I am staring at you and trying to figure out what you are doing differently that makes you shine. Your skin looks so clear and your teeth look so pretty! What is going on?”  I was pleasantly surprised by her compliments and preceded to tell her that I am really trying to cut down on my bad sugar intake and told her of my decisions during the Lent season. I explained that I honestly have noticed a difference in the way I feel. According to the belly fat cure, the average person takes in at least 47 teaspoons of sugar a day. Yikes! There are many things that we can do to change our bad sugar intake but for starters it is important to admit that we put too much unhealthy sugar into our system on a daily basis. The next time you go grocery shopping, slow down and read your labels. Take notice of the percentage of sugar consumption in the portion size of the foods you buy. You will be shocked at the amount of bad sugars hidden in many of our beloved products we regularly consume. Moms, let’s be wise to not only help ourselves live as long as we can but, also, let’s teach our families how to make good choices for their daily food intake by our example. I wish I would have started this journey a long time ago!
~ Karen Pecota, 24/7 MOMS freelance journalist and film critic

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