Mommy Cards

Mommy Cards are the newest and hipest way to get your contact information out there.   Take them wherever you go.  Have you ever been to the park and met a mom there… wanted to exchange phone numbers but you didn’t bring your purse with you.  Put some of these in your camera case, diaper bag, purse, jacket, etc…  Next time you meet a mom or your child meets a new friend you can hand these out!  Add a special touch by adding your childs picture on them and you can even add your own so the receiver can remember who you are.  
There is so many companies that I found that makes these.  Here is what I found and the prices.
Click on the company to direct you to their sites.
Each company had very different designs.   Where the Vistaprint getting 250 free looks real nice they do only have limited designs to choose from.  Also, do you need 250 of them?  Check out the sites and see what fits you!  There is so many cute designs. 

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  1. I’ve got some I got through Vista print. I just put my kids names, my name, and phone/email. Since we may be moving, I kept it to things that won’t be changing. Everyone I give them thinks it’s a great idea!

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