Frugal Spring Vacation Ideas

It’s Spring Break season and our kids will be ready to party kid style with a fun and relaxing week. So, if you didn’t already book your flights to Hawaii fear no more we have some frugal ideas for you. 
Let me first warn you to NOT book every moment of your kids spring break with activities  allow them to sleep in a bit, relax and do noting but play. Remember your school vacation days that seemed full of endless hours of playing with no schedules?
Save money this Spring vacation by creating your  own home to be  Spring vacation getaway with a little preparation and planning.  When vacationing at home you don’t have to pack, you get to sleep in your own bed, and enjoy your own time schedule.
A few Spring break planning tips:
       Plan SIMPLE meals that are easy to prepare
       Designate field trip days and stay home days
       Get your kids involved in the planning
       Search for coupons for both activities and dinning
Here are some ideas 24/7 MOMS gathered for both at home and on the road locally that is.
Family Field Trip Fun:
Zoos and more:
Head out to your nearby museums, zoos, galleries, factories, historical sites and other tourist attractions.  Many museums and zoos offer free days. Be frugal and find out what these times are and plan accordingly.
Park Hopping :
Map out local parks you have been wanting to visit both in your local city and nearby cities. Spend the day hopping from park to park then vote at the end  of the day for the best park.

Take a hike:
Seek out simple hikes and trails that your family can enjoy together – don’t forget a day pack filled with snacks and liquids.
Out to Lunch : 
My kids love the treat of eating out.  Lunch time menus tend to be less expensive so why not eat a late lunch and get in on the less expensive prices.

Story Time and Other Library Activities:

Many public libraries offer spring break events , such as story times and “meet the authors, etc. Visit the web sites of your local libraries for time and locations of activities.

Volunteering with Your Kids:

Teach your kids to give back to your community, church, local schools etc. by seeking out ways you can volunteer together from serving at a mission to asking to pick-up and do yard work at your local school, helping at church etc.

At HOME Fun:
Cooking/ Baking:
Kids love to create in the kitchen so have a morning or afternoon of baking and cooking lessons for you kids – create a new recipe they have not had prior or create their favorite recipe.  You could even include taking them shopping for the supplies.

Movie DAY Time:

Have a day time movie event –  you could create a fun at home MOVIE experience with neighbor kids . Rent movies, or better yet, borrow DVDs from the local libraries, then watch the films. Prepare popcorn and  drinks to serve during movie time. You could even create a movie snack bar with candy, treats , pizza , popcorn.
Game Day:
Pull out  the board games and puzzles that are filling the closets. Invite over a few school friends or neighbors and have a game marathon. Serve treats or a meal
Scavenger Hunt:
Create clues and have your kids go in search of a prize. This could be an indoor or out door hunt.  Search Google for hunt ideas.
Craft Day:
Do your kids have unused craft kits or supplies – get them out and get ready for a day of crafting – even cans of playdo make for a fun afternoon of creating.
Spring Cleaning:
Recruit your kids to help with Spring cleaning Offer to pay the kids to help you clean out and get organized Or give them a reward.
Already Paid :
What do you already belong to or have memberships  to?  YMCA, Zoo,  Netflix…..what about gift cards and coupons – inventory your resources and use them during Spring break

Do Nothing:

If your kids generally have a lot of scheduled activities after school, then offer them a week of doing nothing. having a week to relax together would be a fun change and could re energize your kids.
AS we always say here on 24/7 MOMS “Keep it simple and make every moment count.”
What fun simple frugal ideas do you have?

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