Easter Bunny Trail Fun

Today’s Easter Extravaganza Fun : Bunny Trail Fun

Make a Easter Bunny foot print stencil -and leave a trail around the house by pouring carpet fresh on your Bunny Foot stencil, to appear as if the Bunny left his foot prints all over your house.

You can also get a little bit of white fur or use a cotton ball to leave somewhere as if the Easter bunny got his tail caught on something! At end of trial you can leave eggs or something or just make it look like the bunny was checking in on them while they slept.

Two alternate ideas:

#1  Search online for bunny paw prints that you can cut out and you can then cut them out and tape a tail on the ground around your house.

#2  Use a cookie tray with edges and place some  flour on it.  Then have your kids leave it at the front door as a trap for the Easter bunny.  When he arrives he will have to step into the tray of flour in order to hop around and deliver his baskets.  Once he steps into the floor he will now leave a trail of flour bunny paw prints.  ( of course you will need to help a little with the paw prints after your kiddos go to bed .) A sponge cut in the shape of a paw works great for making paw prints.

Happy Hopping!

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