APP Of The Week – Our 3 App picks for Spring cleaning and organizing

Three Apps to help you Spring clean and organize your homes:

Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule ($.99 for the Apple iPhone) – Designed by working parents, Clean Freak uses the “divide-and-conquer” approach to keeping the home clean. Break down your chores into bite-sized tasks, and do an item every day. Check an item you’ve completed off the list, and Clean Freak will show you how many days since a task was last done. Completing all items advances the rotation, and you are able to configure less frequent tasks in the “every 2/4/8 rotations” sections. Click here to get your Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule App.

Organizing Your Home ($1.19 for the Android) – Unless you have some magical powers like Mary Poppins, you know that cleaning and organizing your home at times, is a painful process. With Organizing Your Home, that task will become much easier. Inside you will find practical tips and techniques to rid every room in your house of clutter and keep it that way. Click here to get your Organizing Your Home App.

House Maintenance Schedule (Free for the Android) – House Maintenance Schedule” is a calendar application to log date of routine maintenance done to your home, and to remind you about the due date of the next maintenance. As a reference, it also has an easy-to-follow, month-to-month guide for maintenance works needed on your home.  Click here to get your House Maintenance Schedule App now.

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