How Can I Make Some Legitmate Money Online?

Amy Hannold, Frugal Living Editor

If you’re willing to do a little work and are persistent with some of the opportunities available, there is money to be made online.
20/20 Panel:  Be Paid to Share Your Opinion!
Register with them and you will receive invitations to take “screener” surveys.  When you match the demographics that they want to survey, you will be invited to participate in a study.  You’ll be giving your opinion, experience and insight to companies – and be paid for your time.
Pinecone Research:
Register and become a member of the Pinecone Research Panel.  When you’re sent “screener” surveys and match the surveyor demographics, you’ll earn $3 to complete a study. Not everyone who applies is chosen and surveys can be infrequent.
Toluna Research:
Accepts all applicants, surveys vary in compensation and frequency.
Get paid for your opinions and participation in surveys and/or product testing. 
Synovate Global Opinion Panels
Screener surveys will be sent to you which can lead to paid surveys and product testing.  Sweepstakes and other rewards are earned through your participation.
Cash for Your Books! 
Check Out
Type in the ISBN of the books you have.  If they are worth cash from, box ‘em up, print a free shipping label – and then, you’ll get cash!
Got a Great Idea – wants to hear from you:
Your photos, “Frugal Life Essays” and/or entries in their  Pet Contests, Recipe Contests, and Tip Contests could win you $25! 
Write and Earn: (,,, and
These sites vary in their requirements as far as writing guidelines and payment.  Most have tutorials and communities ready to help get you started.  Again, social media contacts help with this – as you’re paid more when you’re read by more viewers.
Share A Good Deal with Friends – Earn Shopping Credit!
Sites such as,, the survey sites above and service/retail companies may offer you the opportunity to earn “referral” credits when those you refer sign up (and usually make a purchase).  Using social media and your social circles, (with etiquette) share good deals you’re finding with your friends!

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