Celebrate Book Day on April 2nd with fun ideas

Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen´s birthday, April 2, International Children´s Book Day (ICBD) is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children´s books. Make  it a celebration with your kids and try one of our Book Day celebration ideas:

Book Exchange Party: Host a neighborhood or friend book exchange with your children’s friends by asking them to each bring their no longer wanted books to exchange with the other children for some fresh reading books. 

– Create tickets to give to the children for each book they bring and then they can use the tickets to shop for the books they would like to take hone with them.

– Serve a simple snack.

– Have a time where the kids sit down before they begin shopping with their tickets and ask some book related questions.  What is your favorite book to read? who is your favorite storybook character? etc.

Library Visit:  Take your children to the library to get their first library card and/or check out books.

Craft Time: Create bookmarks to use in their daily reading. Google craft ideas for bookmarks

Summer Reading list – Take a few minutes and create a summer reading list wit your kids of the books they would like to read this coming summer and if you have time take a trip to the bookstore and purchase one of the summer reading books they are interested in.  Now no starting t early they must wait till summer to begin the book

Book Theme Day – Create  a fun day around a book theme Such as Junie B Jones and serve her favorite food Spaghetti and meatballs and you could serve  a snack in little paper cups of m&ms and pretzels (because Junie B. says she would have that at her party.) But before your kids can eat they must put on plastic gloves and hairnets which you can  purchased really cheap at a beauty supply store (Junie B. works in her school cafeteria and LOVES wearing these.)  you get the idea theme a day around your kids favorite storybook.

 For more book party ideas click here.

Book Breakfast- Start the day of with books.  Decorate the table with books, use big books as place mats, place a new book at each child’s seat that they will enjoy reading.  Serve green eggs and ham to go with Dr. Seuss famous story or other food ideas from your kids favorite stories.

Book plates – Create book plates for your kids so they can place them in their special books.

Click here for FREE colorful bookplates you can download and print from Tip Junkie.

Click here for FREE children’s book plates you can download and print for free from Tip Junkie.

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