10 Ways to Eat Strawberries

 Being a native Cali girl, raised on those incredible California Strawberries, I have to admit they are still my favorite summer fruit.

Not only are strawberries a incredible yummy sweet treat, they also have some other great health benefits:

* Strawberries contain powerful antioxidants and rank second among the top ten fruits in antioxidant capacity. One serving of strawberries contains more Vitamin C than an orange.

* Strawberries may help reduce the risk of heart disease, fight some types of cancer and lower blood pressure. Not bad for a little red berry!
* Don’t forget! The antioxidants in strawberries also aid in memory performance and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, two key factors that can cause age-related diminished brain function.

With all the GREAT benefits of eating strawberries, I decided to share with you some of my Favorite Strawberry tips from desserts to 10 ways to eat them.

My Favorite Frozen Strawberry Dessert:

This is a perfect desert for a birthday, baby shower or other celebration. Warning: one bite and you won’t stop!

Trisha’s Strawberry Angel Food Cake Dessert
This is one of MY Favorite SIMPLE desserts


1 large box strawberry Jello
3 cups boiling water
3 pkg. frozen strawberries
1 angel food cake
1 container Cool Whip


Break up angel food cake into pieces and place in a 9×13 inch pan. Mix up Jello with 3 cups of boiling water and add frozen berries. Jell slightly. Fold in Cool Whip. Pour over angel food cake and mix. Refrigerate until firm. Cut into 20 2-1/2 inch servings.

My Favorite Strawberry Party Pleaser:

Milk Chocolate Fondue using Sephra Chocolate http://www.sephra.com/, and when I am throwing a big party I use my fun Sephra chocolate fountain.

I serve various items for dipping: bananas, graham cracker sticks, vanilla wafers, marshmallows, sliced apples, brownie bites, cheesecake bites, pineapple, anything that sounds yummy dipped in chocolate. And, the #1 dipped item is always strawberries.

My Favorite Strawberry Website:

For you strawberry fans, this is the site you will want to add to your favorites. It is full of recipes, from appetizers to desserts. It gives you everything you ever wanted to know about Strawberries. So, if your kids ever have to do a report on strawberries, this is the site to hit. http://www.calstrawberry.com/

My Favorite Strawberry Kid Fun:

Call your kids to the computer and together go check out Strawberryville with fun games, recipes and activities for kids, parents and teachers. Beware the line-up game can be addictive. http://www.strawberryville.com/

My 10 Favorite Ways to Eat Strawberries:

1. Strawberry filled crepes with whipped cream

2. Fresh strawberry shakes using Kirkland vanilla ice cream from Costco

3. Strawberry shortcake using Bisquick shortcakes recipe on the box

4. Chocolate dipped strawberries

5. Jell-O with sliced strawberries mixed in

6. Sliced strawberries over vanilla ice cream and loads of whipped cream
7. Sliced strawberries over angel food cake and more whipped cream

8. Strawberries mixed in my green salad with almonds, red onions and poppy seed dressing

9. Fruit salad with strawberries and various other fresh fruits

10. Just plain fresh strawberries

What is your favorite about strawberries?

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