What To Buy During The Valentines Day Clearance Sales

I love deals and buying things to use in the future. So, After the kids were off to school on Tuesday I headed out to see what I could find in the Valentines day clearance sales – there are so many great buys and ways to use these deals beyond Valentines day.

I went to Target, Walgreen’s , Fred Meyers and Big Lots – try your local Big Box stores, Drug Stores and grocery stores even department stores for more great clearance deals.

Here is what I found and what to look for:

1. Gift Wrap – perfect for to wrapping any upcoming birthday party gifts. You can pick up wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags , party bags etc

2. Groceries- I found Valentine funfetti Pillsbury Brownie Mix – it can be used with out the Valentine sprinkles in the future. Look for other groceries that are now being cleared out because they had a Valentine them to them that you can use still cake mixes, snack foods etc.

3. Paper goods Valentine theme ones for next year, or non heart ones and solid colors for upcoming birthdays, mothers day, for 4th of July and Christmas.

4. Baking items from Pans to cupcake holders. I found: Cake Sprinkles for decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes year round and a Heart shaped pan that I can use next Valentines day or for my teen daughters to use when making their friends Brownie pizzas or BIG cookies.

5. Table ware – Table cloths, runners, decorations, cups, glasses, serving bowls etc. I found Place mats that I will use next year during the month of February. Look for solid colors for year round use.

6. Decorations – Wreaths, signs, candles, holders etc. These can be put away for next Valentines day or possibly used for 4th of July of Christmas if appropriate.

7. Frames – Buy them in Solid colors red and pink for use around the house or other holidays 4th of July , Easter, Christmas or next Valentines day.

8. Easter – Purchase Clarence candy and toys to use i your child’s Easter basket and as plastic egg fillers.

9. Operation Christmas Child A perfect time to find deals on items you can use next fall when filling your Operations Christmas Child show boxes . Stuffed bears, toys etc.

10. Don’t Forget – t Craft items and Next years valentines Gifts, and class mate exchanges.

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