Two Kid Friendly Valentine Crafts

Get ready for Valentines day with two simple decorating ideas that we also featured on our recent 24/7 MOMS Valentines day webcast.

Valentine Cones
Supplies Needed:
*Styrofoam or Cardboard cones (dollar tree, or any craft stores carry them)
*(Red/Pink felt (you can buy the sheets of felt at craft stores for under a dollar)
-Use beads, sequins and flat head pins to create a sparkly, elegant cone
-Use Foam Heart stickers and Ribbon for that fun Valentine look. (using hot glue.. even for the stickers)

Valentine Frames
Supplies Needed:
*Inexpensive wood frames (got mine at Dollar Tree… most craft stores have them)
*Craft paint
*Foam Valentine Stickers (got mine at Joanns) or sticker gems
*Printed pink or red paper
– Paint frames… you can sprinkle on glitter after last coat or by glitter craft paint
– Put on Valentine foam stickers
– Put fun Valentine paper inside the frame… then you can add a picture in the middle of it or a Valentine saying

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