Fun School Lunch Packing Ideas

Add some Fun and Creativity with these school lunch packing ideas

DIY Containers – Save your yogurt containers – wash them thoroughly then us to fill with liquid Jell-O or pudding mixture (before it sets), place lid back on and refrigerate. Now you have you individual snack-sized Jell-O or pudding at a fraction of the cost for your kiddos lunches..

Colored fun – Add colored fun to your child’s lunch by using colored plastic wraps. Or during the holiday’s use special zipper-type bags, and napkins that are in holiday themes.

– Write it – Each day include a short note to your child. Anything that shows them you love them and you are thinking of them will show your child you care. For free lunch box cards Click here for FREE lunch box notes.

– YOU Win – Surprise your kids with a prize like they get when they order at fast food restaurants.. It can be as simple as stickers, small candy treat or a small toy.

– Change it – use colored lunch bags instead of the typical brown bags or lunch box they take every day.

– Cut it shape it – have fun with your kiddos sandwiches by cutting the sandwich into interesting shapes or cut with cookie cutters.

– S’more for lunch – Cook-free S’Mores: Spread Marshmallow Cream (fluff) on one graham cracker square, then spread nutella on the other, and press together and place in a zippered sandwich size bag and place in your kids lunch box. What a fun yummy treat.

What fun do you ad to your kids lunches?

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