Ballet Shoe Advice For Parents of Little Ballerinas

Your child is now a budding dancer – complete with bun, leotard, chiffon skirt and pink ballet shoes. In 15 years, she’s going to take the stage and be the next Anna Pavlova!

That, of course, will take years of hard work and training. But you can make a significant contribution to your child’s dance career early on by ensuring you buy proper-fitting ballet shoes.

When ballet shoes fit, they should fit like a snug sock and move with the feet. If they are too tight, the toes will curl inside and the back will cut into the achille’s heel – a painful way to dance. If the shoes are too loose, the shoes will look “floppy” and the child will struggle through jumps and turns.

Proper-fitting ballet slippers don’t have to cost a lot. The typical pair runs anywhere from $15-20 and with the internet, you can buy them online if you know your child’s size. For the first pair, it is recommended that you get your child fitted at a store that specializes in dancewear.

Inevitably, as your child grows, you’ll need to invest in new shoes to maintain the proper fit. But don’t despair, as you can buy shoes that are a ½ size larger in some cases so they can grow into the shoe. Be careful to ensure the fit is not too loose for the child.

Ballet shoes often run a few sizes smaller than street size, so if you noticed your child’s street size increasing, it might be time for new ballet shoes.

If you’d like to learn more about how to buy ballet shoes, visit Best Ballet Shoes.

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