5 Games For Valentines Day Celebrating

This Valentines Day create a family game night with one of these 5 fun games or you can use them in your child’s class room during their celebrations.

Valentine Yahtzee
from: The Idea Room

My kids love a good game a Yahtzee and now The Idea Room has created a fun Valentine Yahtzee game you can make for Valentines day fun
Click here for complete instructions.

Valentine Bingo
from: Tip Junkie

Bingo is an all time favorite game for kids and now Tip Junkie has created a fun Valentine version of Bingo. Click here for your free printables.

Spin the Bottle
from: Happy Home Fairy

– Not what you think! Wayyyy better than that version you played in middle school! Play the game as a family, but change the rules… Whenever the bottle points to someone, the spinner must say something nice about that person. Then they can give that person a Hershey’s Kiss. So sweet.

Valentine Memory Game
from: Tip Junkie
Challenge their memories this Valentines day with the Valentine memory came that Tip Junkie created. Click here to download your FREE memory game.

Heart Stacking

from: Amazing Moms
Heart Stacks – Making a tower of hearts isn’t as easy as you think! Buy a few bags of small conversation hearts. The object of the game is to build the tallest tower in an allotted amount of time (like 30 seconds). When the time is up, the players counts their hearts to see who is the winner. This is so much fun!

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