Storing Your Beautiful China and Silver

By Trisha

It’s that time of year when I  get out all of my fine china and beautiful silver pieces for our holiday entertaining.  Often when I get mine out I find that pieces did not get placed back where they belonged or items are dirty, tarnished and even a chip or two may appear.  This year when I return my China and Silver to storage I want to be a little more organized about it to help simplify my next use.

Here are my new storing tips for my china and silver pieces:

Storing Plates: Do NOT stack them on top of each other instead place a coffee filter or inexpensive paper plate in between each of them to help protect them from chips and breakage then wrap the stack in clear plastic wrap.

Silver place settings: Separate your silverware into place settings and store each place setting together so when you are hosting a dinner party you can easily pull out the number of settings you will need to use.  You can create your own storage system by using 100% cotton fabric cut into squares large enough to wrap one place setting in.  Once wrapped tie with a piece of yarn and then place into a Plastic shoebox container or plastic fishing tackle box

Silver: Polish your silver before returning it to storage.  Never wrap your pieces in plastic as this can cause damage if the plastic becomes hot and begins to melt. Use felt lined bags and or boxes to store your polished silver in.

Extra Silver TIP: The next time you buy a pair of shoes, save those little packets of desiccant crystals that come in the box.  Place them inside of your silver storage bags and boxes they will help to combat the humidity and tarnish.

Record it – Keep a record of your china and silver pieces.  You can keep this information in a document on your computer or on a printed out sheet that you store in your recipe files or inside of a kitchen cabinet door.  Be sure to include pattern name and manufacture incase you are in need of adding to your collection. Also record where you received each piece was it from your Great Grandmother? 

Do you have a china or sliver storing tip?

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