Simple Tips to Keeping the Pounds Off



New Years has come and gone. You have made your resolution. Have you stuck by it… or has it slowly slipped away. Most people who make a resolution has something to do with their health. Might be eating healthier, exercising, stop smoking/drinking, etc….. It is so easy to make your New Years Resolution but your heart really has to be into it for it to work. If you are struggling with your healthier New Years resolution, here are some tips to make it easier for you to stay on top of it.
1) Don’t try to get the closest parking spot. Park farther away for a great walking workout.
2) While laying in bed watching television, lay on your side and do some leg lifts.
3) When watching television, every time there is a commercial switch between standing up to stretch and doing sit-ups until the commercial is over with. You could even keep little weights by the couch and lift weights too. Make sure you get off the couch though.
4) When going to someone else’s home. Remember to bring something to drink for yourself. Not always do they provide a healthy option besides water. Bring an all natural flavored water. Make sure no calories or sugar. It will help you not be so tempted to drink one of their drinks that has calories in it.
5) Try to take the stairs as much as possible. Taking the elevator can save you time but the stairs is a great work out.
6) Yard work. I know its winter but great workouts can come from maintaining your yard. It might be shoveling snow, sweeping pine needles off your driveway, raking old leafs to cleaning your gutters. Bundle yourself up and head outside. I am sure you can find something to do in your yard.
7) Head to the Mall. You want to go walking but too cold outside or you don’t like going to the gym. Try the mall out. Malls are great way to get an exercise in. Just make sure to stay away from the food court and stopping in all the stores. Set goals. For every time you walk the length of the mall you get to go into one store.
8) Chewing some sugar free gum can help you stay awake and fool your body of wanting a sugary snack. Plus you do burn calories when you chew gum.
9) Sit up straight. It does take work to sit up straight. Slouching relaxes your body… means little to no calories are being burned. Sit up straight and burn some calories.
10) Whatever you are doing do it faster. So if you are washing clothes, folding clothes, vacuuming the house or washing the car, speed it up a notch. Just don’t do it while slicing vegetables.
11) Use your kids. If you have younger kids you can use them!! Lay on your back and fly them in the air on your knees or feet. Move slowly from one side to the other. You will start feeling the burn and your kids will have so much fun.
It all adds up. Try some of these tips… come up with some on your own. You may find yourself with a low-impact, 30 minute workout easily under your belt!

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