Simple Steps To Freezer Organization

By Trisha

The first snowstorm warnings began recently, letting us know that winter was on its way. For some unknown reason this gets me in the stock-up and prepare mode as if I’ll never see the local grocery store until spring. Even my eight-year-old said to me, “Mom, you better get to the grocery store, the mama squirrel needs to pack up.” I guess he views me as a “mama squirrel” that needs to store away food for the winter months ahead.

First on my list was to organize my freezer so the stocking up could begin.

Is your freezer packed full but you have no idea what’s hiding in there? Do your kids open the freezer door only to then say there is nothing in there to eat? If you are ready to save money and time, then let’s start organizing your freezer with my five easy steps.

Click here to read my 5 easy steps over at SC Johnson Family Economics blog.

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