5 Steps towards an Organized New Year

Practical Advice for Every Room in the Home

Getting organized is a reoccurring New Year resolution on consumers’ Top Ten lists, but luckily, it is also one of the most reasonable and achievable goals for 2011.

Whether it’s creating more space for a growing family, or helping homeowners reclaim their junk drawers and closets, the professional designers with Closets by Design are helping consumers across the U.S. get organized and stay organized. The pros offer 5 steps every consumer can take towards a more organized new year:

# 1 One project at a time – The key to a more organized home and life is to set realistic goals and tackle each area of the home, one at a time. This way, you are less likely to get overwhelmed and give up on the project. Make a list of all the areas you want to work on; then prioritize them and work your way down the list. The good news is that there are custom storage and organization solutions for every room and space in the home, from the closet and family room, to the pantry and garage.

# 2 Out with the old, in with the new – The leading cause of disorganization is simply acquiring and holding on to too much stuff. As you find a new place for each clothing item you received during the Holiday, get rid of one at least one similar item that you no longer wear for each new item. This will prevent you from acquiring too much and facing the same New Years Resolution next year. Organize what you are keeping by adding space in your closet with accessories like shoe shelves, tie or belt racks, and jewelry drawers.

#3 Inventory the kitchen and pantry – Pull out everything from your kitchen cabinets and pantry and discard anything you don’t use anymore. Check the expiration dates on food; you’ll be surprised how many items you need to throw out because they are no good any longer. Give away multiples of appliances, pots, pans and utensils.

#4 Streamline your work space – Whether or not you actually work from home, everyone needs an organized space to keep track of important documents, bills, and conduct business. First, go through your files and purge or shred anything you don’t need. Then, consolidate office supplies into just one area. Once you’ve sorted through all the paperwork and supplies, evaluate how and where you store your computer, files, book, etc. Do you have enough shelves to accommodate the equipment and files? Consider additional cabinetry above and below your work space to provide more room for storage.

#5 Reclaim the garage – It is often the most overlooked space in the home, a clutter zone that can cause potential safety hazards as your tools, lawn equipment, and snow blower take up space in walk-ways. The trick to reclaiming your garage is to use the space on the walls for storage and hanging. Toys such as golf clubs, tennis rackets and skates can be stored along the walls, while bikes can be hung on hooks from the ceiling. Rakes, shovels and other yard supplies can also be easily organized on an interior wall. Using this space wisely will not only help you to increase your storage space but make items easily accessible.

About Closets by Design
Since 1982, Closets by Design has built a reputation as the nation’s leader in the closet organizing and storage remodeling industry. The company offers customers comprehensive solutions to all their organizational needs in a short and simple process by designing, building and installing custom home offices, closets, garage cabinets, wall units, laundries, pantries, wardrobe mirror doors and other home organization systems. Closets by Design offers a wide selection of finishes, accessories and hardware.To schedule a FREE in-home consultation or inquire about franchise opportunities, please visit www.closetsbydesign.com or call 800-293-3744.

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