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Freddie the Frog® Adventures were designed to engage and introduce children to fundamental music concepts by simply playing the audio CD and turning the pages of the story book. Freddie is a portal to the world of music and a reference point for the sequential learning of reading and writing music.

Kids fall in love with the main character, Freddie the Frog, through his stories and eagerly await the next adventure, learning about music while they read. No longer is it a bunch of black dots and sticks all over the page of music. Now the kids recognize rhythms and places from the books.

Although Freddie the Frog books introduce and teach note names of the treble and bass clef by story characters, tempo terms, rhythm and beat, the real magic is in the connection with the main character, Freddie. As one six-year-old said, “I LOVE Freddie. That’s why I love music!”

Kids fall in love with Freddie the Frog through the stories and learn music simply by turning the pages. What a great way to be introduced to the “theory” of music.

The Freddie the Frog 4-Book Series Includes:

Book/CD 1: Freddie the Frog and the Thump in the Night

This book introduces emergent readers to fundamental music concepts in a fun and exciting way. In it, Freddie is a frog who lives with his parents on Treble Clef Island. He is awakened in the middle of the night by a strange thumping noise. Frog-eating crocodiles, a swinging rope bridge, and a humongous gray monster are all part of Freddie’s adventure as he explores the island in search of the thump. Through Freddie’s adventures on the island, the reader is introduced to the treble clef staff as a map of where Freddie lives. Readers are captivated as the staff comes to life with the combination of illustrations and enclosed CD narration and music.

Book/CD 2: Freddie the Frog and the Bass Clef Monster

In this adventure, Freddie awakens from hibernation to discover he is not on his beloved Treble Clef Island. Freddie’s search for home leads him through Frog Land—a strange place full of bizarre creatures all pointing him to the Bass Clef Monster who “loves frogs.” Discover the dancing bees, a moonlit cocoon garden, the fire-breathing dragon, and dare to meet the Bass Clef Monster.

Book/CD 3: Freddie the Frog and The Mysterious Wahooooo

In this book kids discover the tempos, rhythms, and beats of Tempo Island with Freddie and his best friend Eli the Elephant. It guides kids in playing rhythm instruments to the rhythm and beat along with Eli and Freddie who find themselves stranded on a nearby island. They follow the mysterious Wahooooos” through the jungle and try to communicate with the purple elephant in charge. Will he help them return home? Echo, chant, and play along with Freddie and Eli to learn the beats and rhythms of Tempo Island.

Book/CD 4: Freddie the Frog® and the Secret of Crater Island

This book teaches six note names and completes the treble clef staff that the first book in the series, Freddie the Frog and the Thump in the Night, introduced. Freddie and Eli discover a buggy world under the azaleas. The two friends join the Blue Beetle Bugs in their quest to find the secret on Crater Island, (middle C)!

The Freddie the Frog book series is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

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