Snowmen Candy Bar Favors or Gifts

from: Janelle Hester

Supplies Needed:
Candy bars (I used Hershey Bars in this tutorial but use what ya like!)

Photo paper– Dollar Store that comes 12 sheets to a package you can get 2 bars out of one sheet (you can use any white paper though) 8 1/2 x 11

Baby socks (again I got these at the dollar store a package of 3 sets which makes 6 snowmen)
Black and Orange Marker
Glue (or hot glue)
Embellishments such as rhinestones, little snowflakes, etc…

1. Tape down both edges of the candy bar so they are not sticking out
2. Cut your 81/2 x 11 photo paper in half (hamburger way)
3. Fold and tape down the paper to the candy bar.
4. Cut one of your baby socks right at the ankle of the sock and then place it on one end of the candy bar so that it becomes the hat and tie off the end of the hat using a piece of ribbon. So the open part of the sock is at the top, this is what you are tying shut with the ribbon. If you choose, glue on any embellishments to the ribbon.
5. Draw on the eyes and a mouth using the black marker and with the orange marker draw on an orange carrot nose.
6. Glue on some buttons down the front of the candy bar.
7. Yah you are done as easy as that. I like to attach Starbuck cards to the back of the snowmen for a fun gift.

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