Give the gift that is NEEDED from the World Vision Gift Catalog

Last minute holiday shopping can be frustrating and exhausting, especially if it means a mad dash in a crowded mall. Whether it is procrastination or a busy calendar that slowed down the present purchasing, affordable and meaningful gifts are still within reach.

A gift given from the World Vision Gift Catalog significantly improves the life of a child or family in need by providing tools and opportunities to overcome extreme poverty, while at the same time honoring friends and loved ones. It’s a great alternative to jam-packed stores days before the holiday.

There are more than 100 gifts in the catalog and 270 items available online, many under $35, including:

· Two chickens – $25

· Four soccer balls – $32

· Five ducks – $30

· School supplies for low-income US classrooms – $25

Gifts are purchased in the name of a friend or loved one and a card is sent to those individuals describing the gifts and their impact.

World Vision’s Gift Catalog National Director Devin Hermanson hears countless stories of individuals and families choosing meaningful giving through World Vision’s Gift Catalog. “The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, especially if you are a last minute shopper. There are gifts to purchase and wrap, cookies to bake, and family to visit but let’s remember our friends and neighbors in need,” Hermanson said.

Each year my children receive more gifts then needed. But, the one gift they receive each year that is needed comes from their Grandparents. Each year my children receive a World Vision gift card in the mail announcing to them what gift was purchased for a family in a third world country in their name. It allows for my children to be a part of helping another family who is in need. It also creates great conversation about the needs of others and how our wants are just that wants not needs.

Start a new tradition this year by giving from the World Vision Gift catalog.

To order, visit or call toll-free 1 (888) 511-6511. All items are tax-deductible.

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