The end of one holiday can be the beginning of another…

by Leslie Pleasants
24/7 MOMS Home Keeping Editor

The end of Christmas has different effects on everyone. Some go through a depression, some are glad that its finally over with, and some are grateful but happy to move on.

I am one of those that I live for the “Holidays”. I love to decorate my home for each holiday. Some people think that I am a little overboard…. but this is one thing that makes me happy. Or you could blame it on my mom. She does the same thing.

People often say to me “Wow, you must spend a lot of money on decorations”. I tell them… “No, not really”. You see I buy most of them after the holiday has passed when they are on clearance. It was kind of hard at first…. Christmas has come and gone and here I am buying Christmas decorations knowing that I have to wait 10 1/2 months before pulling them out. But when you can get the decorations at 75% off… then they go down to 90% off…. you can almost buy the whole store out and hardly spend anything. I love every time I go to get my Christmas decorations out and I see my NEW bin with my NEW decorations in it. It puts a huge smile on my face. Merry Christmas to me!

But here is another secret…. Those Christmas gifts that go on clearance after Christmas doesn’t have to wait till next Christmas. You can buy green for St. Patty’s Day and Red for Valentines. I know at Walmart they have red heart ornaments out right now. You can buy some of those when they go on sale and place on a fake tree or hang on your mantle… etc…

Garland, Plates, Drinkware, Wreaths, Red & Green Lights, Candles, Frosting, Sprinkles, Tableclothes, Runners, Cloth Napkins… are just some ideas that you can get for the other holidays. It’s a great way to save money and puts you in a festive mood after the BIG Christmas season!

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