Create a Homemade – Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

Kids love to celebrate and attend Birthday parties – why not host your very own Happy Birthday Jesus party and share the real meaning of Christmas with your kids and those invited. This Happy Birthday Cake for Jesus is perfect for teaching others about Jesus and his love for us.

Happy Birthday Cake for Jesus

1 box chocolate cake mix
1 box white cake mix
1 can white frosting
yellow, red, & green liquid food coloring
1 large red taper candle
1 box of small birthday candles
Use two 8 or 9 inch round cake pans

Mix and bake chocolate cake mix according to box directions. ( you will only need one layer so with allow kiddos to eat as a snack or place in freezer for later use)

Mix white cake according to the box directions. Divide batter in half ( in 2 bowls) . Put several drops of red food coloring in one half and mix to desired color. Pour in one of the round cake pans. In the other half of batter, drop in green food color & mix. Put in other round cake pan.

Bake as directed on box, cool, & remove from pan. On serving platter or foil covered piece of cardboard place first layer of chocolate cake, frost with white frosting, next place red layer of cake on top of chocolate layer, frost, and then place the green layer on top . Frost whole cake with white frosting. Decorate.

To Decorate Jesus Birthday Cake using decorator gel or other cake decorations

Light the red candle and read the Christmas story to your family. Then light each person’s small candle from Jesus’ (red) candle and carefully add them to the cake. Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Cake Definition:

Cake is round = because Jesus was born into a world that is round.

1st layer of cake = is brown/black for our sins.

2nd layer = is red for Jesus’ blood shed for our sins.

3rd layer = is green for life and represents the new life we have in

Frosting is white = stands for Jesus’ purity & righteousness.

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