APP Of The Week- Santa Postcard APP

USAToday calls it a “Top Tech Gift of 2010 – order personalized postcards from the North Pole.”

The Postcards from Santa app is a special way to share the excitement of Christmas with your kids. Try the app for free and it is only $1.99 to send a REAL letter from Santa to your child!

The app is free to install. Try it out, see our fun Santa photos, create a custom message from Santa. There is no cost until you decide you want to send the card.

Postcards from Santa
cost $1.99 each which includes printing & postage anywhere in the world. Each postcard letter from Santa is printed on thick high quality cardstock with beautiful glossy images.

Select from a number of charming santa images, use our pre-written santa message or write your own, and enter the name and mailing address of the child you want to send the postcard to. We will print the customized postcard and drop it in the mail. Your child’s postcard will arrive only a few days later in the mail.

Your children will love getting a real postcard from Santa Claus in the mail! You can even send more than one letter to your kids as Christmas approaches. The Santa Postcards are printed on high quality, thick paper and the images are high resolution with a beautiful glossy finish. You’ll want to save these cards to show your children when they have children of their own.

Download the app now
so you get your postcards sent out before Christmas day.

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