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Spiffies Helps Prevent Tooth Loss in Children

Have you ever thought to brush your baby’s teeth or gums after a bottle of milk or a snack of cheerios? Probably not; and you wouldn’t be in the minority. After all, they’re just baby teeth. They’ll fall out and be replaced by grown-up teeth, so it’s no biggie. Actually, it is a biggie.

According to American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of children in America – five times more common than asthma according to the Center for Disease Control. Pediatrician Ray Wagner thinks it so important that he created a gauze oral cleansing wipe called Spiffies to help caregivers keep their baby’s mouth, gums and teeth healthy.

Pediatric dentists have always advised pediatricians to instruct new parents to clean their baby’s mouth with a wet washcloth or gauze after feedings. Intent on helping his patients and knowing that the best time to prevent cavities is during the earliest phase of the infection, Dr. Wagner researched and learned about xylitol, a natural ingredient that prevents cavities. Hardly a new thing (there’s been 60 years of dental research!), xylitol has consistently been shown to lower tooth decay rates in children by up to 70% and is safe for babies.Dr. Wagner’s decided to add xylitol solution to a gauze oral cleansing wipe. Seeing how effective this was, he and his wife then founded DR Products, LLC in 2003 and its first product was Spiffies Tooth Wipes.

Spiffies are all-natural, xylitol-based tooth wipes that caregivers can use with their baby’s mouth as early as three months of age. And here’s a bonus: Kids say the flavors taste fantastic, so there are no struggles!

Pediatric dentists and pediatricians agree that good oral hygiene starts even before the first tooth erupts and that means wiping an infant’s gums, tongue and teeth. Spiffies are individually packaged towelettes that have been soaked in the great tasting xylitol solution. They should be used to clean babies’ gums and first teeth. In fact, the Spiffies Tooth Wipes provides soothing relief when the wipes are chilled and used to massage sore gums.

Spiffies’ tasty grape and apple flavors make oral hygiene a pleasure for grownups and their children.

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